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    Best practice for p2p video chatting

    ilsh Level 1

      I use netgroup to implement a video chatting program. The # of memebers in this group is small (2 or 3). I find the audio is delayed (sometimes by 4s) and even cut (e.g. I count number from 1 to 10 but the other memeber only heard 1,2,3 then jump to 7). This happens both when the two members are in totally different locations and when they are in the same location using different computers.


      I wonder if there is any article about improving the performance and reduce the delay.




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          fatmck Level 1

          Audio and video in p2p group are usually delayed, you can see NetStream.audioReliable in api reference. Set value for NetStream.bufferTimeMax may be helpful.

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            Michael Thornburgh Adobe Employee

            NetStream.audioReliable is only for 1:1 (DIRECT_CONNECTIONS) or client-server streaming.  all data in a P2P multicast stream is partially reliable (where the reliability is controlled by the NetStream.multicastWindowDuration).


            a P2P multicast may have a jitter of up to the multicast window duration.  shorter values for the window can decrease latency and jitter but may also decrease the reliability of the stream (leading to more glitches and artifacts).


            for interactive chat between a small number of participants, you should use the DIRECT_CONNECTIONS form.