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    Validating Drop Down Menu


      Hiya this is my first post on this forum after 8 years using various RoboHelp products and I am completely stumped.


      I am trying to create a Form in RoboHelp HTML, which is to be output as WebHelp, containing a drop down menu. I want the various links in the list to appear in the drop down and then the user to select a Go button to launch that site.


      I understand I may have to construct a custom script to enable this. However, my Java is completly non existent. Can anyone suggest a way to validate a drop down menu form?


      The HTML of the cut down code is as follows;



      <form method="get" name="form1" enctype="application/x-www-form-urlencoded"


                                                      action="" style="width: 100%;">


                              <p><select name="Select 1" size="1">


                              <option value="http://intralink/2/pension/applications/Calculators/age_calculator.xls">AIP Run On Calculator</option>


                              <option value="http://bankval/bw2.asp">Bank Wizard</option>

                              <option value="../Frequently_Asked_questions/faq_0010.htm">Frequently Asked Questions</option>



      Any help would be appreciated.