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    XDP forms with OLEDB DataConnection



      I'm using LiveCycle Designer ES2 to create XDP forms which are merged with XML data by the LiveCycle Output service.
      Now i have to add additional textfields to the XDP form, which shall contain data from an OLEDB data connection.
      The data connection was pre-defined in LC Designer and bound to the textfield.

      It is obviously not possible, to get this data connection working by using the Output Service alone. All textfields of the XDP which are bound to the OLEDB connection remain empty in the  PDF generated by Output.

      Is there a way to extend the LiveCycle Server with additional services, to solve this issue? Maybe the JDBC service? And would it be possible to get Output interact with these services? My goal is that the OLEDB data connection works on the LC server as it was configured for the XDP form in Designer.

      - Gernot