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    Adding main menu bar to project

    Mr. Kirkwood

      I have created a Flash Catalyst project , but the frame rate is inccorrect when i publsih. so, i had to open the project in Flash Builder, add frameRate, ShowStatusbar and then publish to AIR. However, when i do this the main toolbar does not show up like it did in the original export from FC. here are some screenshots to demonstrate:


      this image above is the final output from Flash Builder



      this is the original from Flash Catalyst. As you can see at the top it has: File, View, Control, Help. How do i add this in Flash Builder for my final output?


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          Mr. Kirkwood Level 1

          i found a way around this. i created a button in Flash Catalyst.

          I gave it a property of opening a URL


          i then edited the button in Flash Builder in the mxml by copy pasting this code over the code for calling on the URL:








          function button_clickHandler_26():void




          var newState:String;


          if (stage.displayState == StageDisplayState.FULL_SCREEN)

          newState = StageDisplayState.NORMAL;



          newState = StageDisplayState.FULL_SCREEN;




          try {

          stage.displayState = newState;


          catch (any:*) {






          now i can just go to full screen without needing the main menu bar...



          this information came from this website: