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    pie chart wedge function call



      I am trying to build a pie chart that will fire a custom function on rollover of the individual pie wedges.

      I need to be able to pass information about the wedge that is rolled over (i.e. a name or id) to this function.


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          digsafe Level 1

          I am close. I just need to find the right path to the wedge id.

          This is what I have so far.


                  import mx.charts.events.ChartItemEvent;
                  private function itemClickHandler(e:ChartItemEvent):void {
                      var selectedIndx:String= e.currentTarget.series.index; //<--returns null


                  <mx:PieChart width="220" height="220" id="piechart1"
                          <mx:PieSeries  displayName="pie series 1" />