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    Generating a Mini TOC with linked headings

    AKACB Level 1



      I'm having problems creating a mini TOC which links to the internal headings within a section.

      I got started using the info on Peter Grainge's page-fantastic information resource for beginners.

      I inserted a mini-TOC, but I don't have Headings 2 to 6, instead have differen tstyle mappings.

      Where is the style sheet to edit these, not obvious in the Format Placeholder dialog box?

      I'm only interested in a TOC for the equivalent of Headings 1, 2 & 3 to make it easier to see what's

      included in each section of a User Guide.


      I'm very new to RoboHelp and  received the full license last week for the latest version of the TCS,

      following an evaluation at the beginning of the year.



      Any help as to what I'm doing wrong would be much appreciated. Someone called Rick has a

      great looking TOC with an image, and then a list of topics, how on earth did he produce this?


      Best wishes,