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    Web Service WSDL


      I am trying to connect my LiveCycle form to an Oracle database procedure to pull down some data. My friends over at Oracle aren't much help here so I'm hoping someone here can provide some assistance.


      This is a simple hello world test I running. I have a WSDL I created using a text editor, a PL/SQL procedure that returns a SOAP envelope, and a form with a data connection pointing to the WSDL - I dragged the data connection onto my pdf form to create the (2) fields, one is a request string field to send to the stored procedure, the other is the response string.


      The form pulls down from the stored procedure just fine, but it doesn't seem to be posting the request parameter at all.


      When I click on my submit button on the form I get an (oracle app server) error saying that the required parameters weren't posted...if I alter my stored procedure to allow null parameters, then the pdf form receives a response and fills the field with the response, but without posting my request parameter to give my stored procedure some data this is next to useless for me.


      Any ideas what might be the problem here, or what I can do to troubleshoot?