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    Is Distribute the right solution?

    mguise Level 1

      I am working on a Mac OS X Version 10.6.7


      I am working on a non for profit scholarship fund website for a client. I have designed a Scholarship Application document.pdf with fields to fill out. I have added extend features to the form so someone can fill it out, save it to their computer if needed and submit it. 


      I have created a link on the Scholarship Fund webpage where they can open the scholarship document.pdf. I have also created a mailto: link on the Scholarship Fund webpage that will open their email handler. Then, when done filling out the fields, they can attach the scholarship.pdf to the email that will be sent to the Scholarship Committee for review.


      Here are the issues I am having:


      1. It is my understanding, in order to use Distribute you have to email the document.pdf directly to the person you want to fill it out. You cannot have a random person open the document from a random website and submit the form when it is completed correct?


      2. My client would like to have the student manually sign (not digitally) the document.pdf. That is, fill the fields out on the computer, print it off, sign it in pen, and scan it back into the computer. This is why I added the mailto: link on the website so the student could submit the manually signed document.pdf to the committee. 


      3. My client would also like the student to submit transcripts and various other documents to the committee for review. It is my understanding that you cannot add additional documents.pdf to another document.pdf after you have distributed it. Again that is why I have created the mailto: link on the website for submission.


      My client likes the unanimity of using Adobe Distribute, and we want to handle this in the most professional, seamless and proficient way. Based on all of our issues I am not sure that Distribute is the best, if viable, option for us.  I'm open to any ideas.


      You can see the beta version I have prepared at http://www.mattguise.com/brianewagner/scholarship.html