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    Bringing in XML Data into Form


      I have a simple XSD and XML file with some data that I want to bind and bring into my PDF form. I've created a Data Connection to the XSD, and then dragged the fields into my PDF from the Data View. When I open the PDF I don't get any data from my XML...it seems in order to being in the data I have to go to Forms -> Manage Form Data -> Import. Is there a way to have the PDF bring in the XML data automatically when it opens?

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          Srini Dhulipalla Level 5

          If you are using the Designer tool,


                   File -> Form Properties

                             Choose Preview Tab and and under Data File, choose the XML file with the data.


          But if you expect the form to have been pre-populated with the data at runtime, the you need the server components render the form with the data file.

          To render the form with the data, either you can create a process (OR) write code with APIs.




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            k.crider Level 1

            OK I see. Would anyone have a scripting solution to update this Form property on open, say based on the value of

            a Text field on the form. Or possibly user initiating a change by entering a value into a text field and clicking a button.?