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    Odd window redraw problem...


      This just starting happening so I'm wondering if anyone else is experiencing this.

      In Dreamweaver CS5, I normally work on a few pages at a time, all in tabs and I use split screen to see the code and design. Now, if I'm on one tab and then click on another tab to switch to that page, it does switch, but the window goes grey until I click a second time on the tab, then the window refreshes and I can see the content.

      I'm attaching an image of what it looks like when I say the screen is grey:


      Then on the second click, my window redraws to this (I had to blur the content):


      I can't seem to find a setting that would have done this and the only change I've made to the system is clear the font cache, but I can't imagine how that would affect it.


      Any help would be great.