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    Is Director the program for me?

    patsydog1 Level 1

      I wonder if Director is the program I need?

      What I want to do is to have a program look at a piece of video and export a vertical line of pixels from each frame, starting with pixel line 1 from the first frame, line 2 from the second frame  and so on until the video is finished. It won't be very long.

      Exported 'strips' should go in a folder and be numbered from 1 upwards. My questions are can this be done with director (somebody said it could as there is a horizontal pointer function), what would be the format of the 'strips' or can I choose? If it can be done can it be done easily as I have very little programming experience and none at all with Director. If anyone could suggest an alternative if Director is no good that would be great. Cheers, DAVE.