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    Very serious problems with components' object and collection properties

      if i have component class:

      class compon extends MovieClip {
      var x:Object;

      and create instance of this component with name 'aaa'.
      Next, i add new member 'c':

      class compon extends MovieClip {
      var x:Object;

      but in the instance 'aaa' member 'c' doesn't appear!!!!! Need to delete 'aaa' and create new instance.
      The same with collection properties.

      Also begining problem with flash.
      1) After 'Control->Test Project' appear window 'Exporting Flash movie' and nothing else, only with 3rd attempt opens swf player.
      2) Sometimes impossible to save .fla file. I try 'File->Save All' 10 times, but Flash all the same display '*' near name of .fla file, indicating that file was modified. Worst of all, if try to open this .fla file, appear error 'Unexpected File Format'.
      3) After using window 'component definition' often appear error 'Flash 8 has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience'.

      After i complicate my project, this errors appears more often.

      On the whole, if create complicated component with object and collection properties, finally will be impossible to work.

      Somebody knows, what to do?