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    Need help with  Swap Button....can't find it...


      Hi, I am taking a college class on Flash Professional CS5. In the current chapter we are being introduced to motion and classic tween animation. I've run into two issues and wondered if anyone can help me please.


      1. I am told to click the instance of a text symbol I recently created. When I do the Property Inspector does change, but the book says that you can tell that it is selected as the Propery Inspector will show "Instance of: Fried Shrimp text."  It does not.


      2. In the next step it says to click the SWAP button in the Property Inspector to open the Swap Symbol dialog box. I can't fine the button.


      I hope this is enough information for someone to help. I can't proceed until this is resolved.


      Thanks, John


      UPDATE: On the application menu I found Modify/Symbol/Swap Symbol, but Swap Symbol is grayed out. So, I am assuming that it is not being seen as a symbol. Hope this additional info helps.


      UPDATE 2: I created the 2nd classic tween from scratch, rather than using the SWAP option. I got it to work. But, would still like to know what is wrong: Me or the book.