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    Browser "back" button won't work when linked from Catalyst graphic


      I am using Flash Catalyst in (CS5 Design Premium) because I am much more a print than web designer so bear with me.


      I created a .swf file in FC, and placed it at the top of a "router index" page. I linked 10 "buttons" in the .swf, each to a different anchor on the "router index" page. Clicking on each "button" jumps to the correct anchor, so far so good.


      The problem is, when I hit the browser "BACK BUTTON" in IE only (Safari and Firefox work fine), it does not jump back to the top of the "router index" page. It jumps back to a previously opened page (homepage or another page), instead of back to the FC .swf graphic on the "router index".


      FC apparently only allows linking to "absolute" URL's, not "relative" URL's, (so my links to the anchors are "absolute"). I don't know if this is the source of the problem with IE. I have always linked to anchors previously in Dreamweaver using "relative" URL's, and have never encountered this problem.


      I looked over the files that FC creates and cannot find one that I understand, or shows an editable file path that I can change.


      I hope i don't have to buy Flash Builder. Right now I have Design Premium. And... I don't understand Actionscript.