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    I don't have an "Adobe ebooks" icon on my Pandigital Novel


      I would like to download books from the library onto my Pandigital Novel.  I have no problems buying books from Barnes and Noble and downloading them but I can't do it for library books. 


      Here's what I know so far: 


      1.  I have to download the book into my Adobe Digital Edition on my PC and then transfer it to my ereader.  Both devices have been successfully authorized. 


      2.  I have successfully done this and dragged the book into the bookshelf for my ereader when it's connected to my PC. 


      3.  I unplugged my ereader and waited for it to show up in my library which it never did. 


      4.  I have looked up different topics in forums and I think I may have found my problem - apparently I am supposed to have an icon in my applications menu for "Adobe ebooks" - however, I don't have one.  I have scrolled all the way over to the right of that menu and there's nothing that even resembles it.  I tried to download some things from Adobe to make it appear but I'm not having any luck.  I know I'm missing something because when I go to "My Computer" on my PC and look it up in the file for my ereader, it shows that it's there...I just need to figure out how to download it.  When I do a search using my ereader, it finds no files by that name. 


      I'm lost, please help!

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          I think you're getting confused between what should be on your computer and

          what should be on your reader.


          Your Pandigital reader won't have any icons on it that relate to ADE on your

          computer.  Transfer of books is one way - from your computer to your reader.


          After you transfer a book from ADE to your reader, you need to follow a

          certain sequence in order to make sure that your reader updates properly,

          and I think that's where you have your problem.  Do not just 'unplug' your

          reader.  Close ADE, but leave your reader plugged in.  Your reader should

          tell you it's updating or processing new content.  When it's done, use your

          computer's tools to disconnect your reader.  For Windows, you can click on

          an icon on the right hand side of the system tray at the bottom of the

          screen (near or next to the clock), or you can go to My Computer and see the

          reader displayed as a disk drive.  If you use the icon, you click on it, and

          it will show you the drive to remove safely (its term for disconnecting).

          If you click on that, then Windows will come back with a message that it's

          safe to remove the drive.  If you use My Computer, it's similar.  Click on

          the drive, and then choose 'Eject' and click on it.  You'll see the drive go

          away.  Then, turn off your reader and disconnect the cable from the



          Hope this helps!



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            Thanks for the answer!  However, when I have my PN plugged in, it never says anything about updating - all it says is PC Mode.  I did as you suggested and ejected my PN from my computer and then it said it was updating and restarted - as it had done in the past.  The only reason I say that I should have an Adobe ebooks icon on my PN is because other threads have said that they have one and it's the only way to download library books.  They said you have to scroll all the way over to the right on the bottom icon menu on my PN and you'd see the icon but I don't have that.  I can copy and paste what I've been told to do if you think that'll help...

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              PART ONE:
              1) Go to http://www.adobe.com/products/digitaledi…
              2) Scroll down. You should see a brown button that says "Install." Click.
              3) Follow the given instructions.
              4) Once ADE is downloaded, it will ask you to register and active your new program. To do so, you must go back to the website you started at (see above). In the top right hand corner, click "sign in."
              5) On the left hand side of the screen, click the gold button that says "Create and Adobe Account." Follow the given instructions and provide the information in the required fields.
              6) Once you have successfully registered, go back to the ADE program you downloaded and activate your program by giving the email and password you used when creating your adobe account.

              PART TWO:
              1) Go to your local library's website. There should be an option for downloadable media.
              2) Choose your book(s) and proceed to 'checkout.'
              3) Underneath all of your chosen book(s), there will be a button that says "download." Click this and download each eBook individually to an easy-to-find folder on your computer.
              4) Go to the folder on your computer that contains your downloaded eBooks. Open them. They should open into the Adobe Digital Editions program that you just installed.

              PART THREE:
              1) Plug your Pandigital Novel into your computer.
              2) On the program Adobe Digital Editions, underneath the "Bookshelves" on the left hand side of the screen, there should be an option that says "Pandigital Novel" (or some variation of that).
              3) Drag your downloaded library books into that bookshelf.
              4) Unplug your Pandigital Novel.

              PART FOUR:
              1) Go to your home screen.
              2) At the bottom of your PN (underneath the Bookstore and Library), scroll the Application Quick Launch Bar to the right. You should see an application that says "Adobe eBooks." All of your downloaded library books should be there.

              **Don't forget that they are library books and must be returned! To do so:
              1) Open your Adobe Digital Editions program.
              2) On the left hand side underneath the "Bookshelves," open the Borrowed books.
              3) Select the book that you would like to return. A small arrow should appear to the left of the book title. Click this and select "Return Borrowed Item."