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    xsl format-number issue


      I am not able to get the format-number function to work properly in xsl.  The function does nothing.


      The input is a simple decimal number, for example 123456.78 and all I want to do is format it as 123,456.


      The round() function works fine.  It formats the number in the HTML as 123456.  Just not sure why format-number does not work.


      I could show you the syntax for all the different format-number calls I have tried but trust me that I don't think they are the problem.  It appears the function in general is simply ignored.  I can't get it to do any type of formating.


      Has anyone else experienced this problem or just me?  You can see the problem when you press F12 to view the document in a browser.  At that point the transformation occurs.


      Any help would be appreciated.