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    Trying to create a custom search command


      I use Acrobat 9 Extended at my work. I work at a scientific journal publisher and we have to search for certain terms within a pdf file. Right now I have to cut and paste the list of terms into Acrobat's search box. I would like to create a custom menu command that would search for the list of terms with one click.


      This is what I have so far:


      // JavaScript Document

      function auxmatSearch()


         search.matchCase = false;

         search.wordMatching = "MatchAnyWord";

         search.bookmarks = false;

         search.query("aux electronic suppl supporting online repository dynamic content appendix appendices", "ActiveDoc");




         cName : "Aux Mat Search", cParent : "Tools", cExec : "auxmatSearch()"






      It doesn't work in Acrobat. It keeps giving me an illegal character error in the Javascript console in Acrobat. What am I doing wrong? I have almost no experience writing Javascript. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.