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    Projector No Icon

    marblesoftmark Level 1

      I've inherited a bunch of projects originally created in Director 8, I believe.  They were updated at some point to MX 2004.  Each had a custom icon and a custom icon file was set in the Publish Settings.../Projector panel.  I'm now trying to create Projector files from 11.5 and the projector doesn't get the custom icon - only the gray default "Di" icon.  I've tried different icon files, even the matching .ico file for Windows, and I can't find anything that works. 


      I am able to copy and paste the icon into the file in the Finder, and it works, but of course I really don't want to do that every time I create the projector.


      Any ideas?





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          jchunick Level 2



          if you type in the message window:

          put the productVersion


          what do you get?


          As well, can you post a link to the icon file (zipped) somewhere so I could look at it and try it on my end in a D11.5 projector? Thanks.


          Edit: I re-read and realized you are working on mac. It's probably a good idea to mention that a bit more explicitly in future posts. Ignore my asking you to upload the icon file as I only work on PC and not  Mac.