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    slide show using php and MySQL


      I am wanting to select an item from a DropDownList component that is linked to a MySQL database.

      I have the DropDownList connected to the database and displays the items from the table when I run it.


      I am wanting other components to update their information when a user selects an item from the DropDownList.

      For example, one of the items within the DropDownList is "John Deer tractor".   I would like another compoent

      to automatically update displaying the image of the John Deer tractor associated with that item.


      I have found many examples of this done using XML.  I want to use MySQL though, not XML.


      See:  http://tv.adobe.com/watch/rich-internet-applications-101/ria-stepbystep-22-binding-a-data- service-to-flex-components/


      Are there any tutorials or video tutorials that will tell me how this is done with PHP and MySQL?