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    Sony proxy files mxf import

    EricWB Level 1

      I am working with Sony XD CAM -  It has mxf files - which import and play back just fine.

      There are also Proxy Files - small resolution files to edit with - but not full res. When completed you can batch record the full resolution files then.


      When I import these proxy files into the bin, ADOBE PPro says the "file has an unsupported compression type."


      I guess this true, and ADOBE just does not work with these files? I can click on the file and it does play on the SONY XDCam Proxy Viewer.


      But it does not import into Adobe. I expected it would work. Is there anything I can do? Thanks.

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          Colin Brougham Level 6

          What is the format and codec of the proxy files? There probably is a way to rewrap them as something else that will import into Premiere, but I don't know if you'll be able to do your online from them; Premiere really doesn't have a solid proxy editing method, so it's sort of a crapshoot. Happy to try and figure out a way, though


          If you have a small version you can upload or send me, I'd take a look; shoot me a PM.