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    failed to open flash document?????

    johnny860 Level 1

      I have been working on a flash website inside flash CS5 here at school. I have been working for almost 3 hours with no problems and I have made sure to save from time to time. I have saved with no problems. My problem came when I clicked on test movie. As the movie was loading to test the SWF of the website flash crashed and closed out on me. I had just saved before testing so I could have the latest saved. I double click on my flash document to re-open flash and I get a message that says "Failed to open document." Right after the message it lists the folder where my file is located. I still cannot get past this message and my file is a website I have been working on for over 3 hours now. I needed this for school and I guess if I can't fix it I will have to start from scratch although I had so much work completed.


      Any ideas? I even tried to open flash first and then go to file open but that did nothing except give me the same error message. Then I looked under recent documents and clicked on the file document and got the same thing. I have no idea what to do. Has anyone had this problem or similar before with some sort of solution to save my 3 hours of work? Thanks

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          Sandy_ Level 1

          Hi John

          Please describe your OS and hardware you are using, as well as what were you doing right before testing your SWF (if you remember).


          By the way, if your version of CS5 updated? You can check it in "About Flash" window (the number, starting with 11).





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            johnny860 Level 1

            Hi Sandy. I will have to check sometime tomorrow as I am not in school at the moment and my files are on the classroom server where everyone saves their stuff. The school uses Adobe creative suite CS5. They bought it about 1 month after it was originally released. So it is NOT the 5.5 you guys recently released. As for the OS system I know it is the latest but I will have to check everything and email the files first thing tomorrow. This is strange because my SWF file works fine and so does the HTML file of the website but not the flash file itself which is where I have all my work from the timeline.


            Again I will post everything as I get it tomorrow. Thanks again. John

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              chantelle st.quintin

              I have just had the same issue today!


              But I can access and view the swf file. Which was good enough for my teacher.


              Is there someone I can send it to to maybe be fixed?



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                Sukhi12 Level 1



                I'm sorry that you ran into this issue .Can you please let us know what you did before saving your project?
                Please provide as much detail as possible. We are actively looking for ways to reproduce this issue.


                1.    About your  computer
                a.    Full file version of Flash installed (eg.
                b.    OS and version


                2.    Are you saving your  .fla file  to a local drive? (eg. hard drive, SSD drive, USB key ) or over a Network


                3 How was the file saved? eg. resaving as File/Save, File/Save As type  ( CS4,CS5,CS5.5 ) .fla or xfl


                Did you see any issue / error while saving your file  last time ?


                Flash Authoring

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                  chantelle st.quintin Level 1

                  Hi there!


                  I had just finished my website  when I saved the file (fla) and shut Flash down. I needed to transfer a different file from my computer onto another computer. I mounted my usb and realized there would not be enough room, so I binned some of the files and tried to empty the trash. My computer said "preparing to empty trash" for nearly 20 mins. I forced shut down my computer and restarted. Emptied the trash fine - transfered the file fine. But when I reopened the website on flash I recieved the "can not find document...." error message. I had closed Flash down before emptying my trash, and made certain there were no Flash files in there. The SWF is fine though. And I had not found any issues with saving it or any warning signs that this was going to happen.


                  I was saving the FLA over its self not as a save as version


                  The file is 52MB


                  I have a 2 and half year old MacBook Pro

                  2.26Ghz Intel Core 2

                  Mac OSX version 10.5.8

                  Saving to computers hard drive


                  Adobe Flash Professional CS5


                  Any help would be so appreciated!


                  Not sure how to send you the file as its 52MB



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                    Sukhi12 Level 1

                    Hi ,


                    Thank you for the information . I have send you an email . Please check that and send me your fla file .




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                      chantelle st.quintin Level 1

                      Hi Sukhi12


                      Thank you so much, but I still have not recieved your email




                      my email is iisiss@hotmail.com

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                        SuhasYogin Adobe Employee



                        Please read the following blog post for a solution to the Unexpected File Format Error:


                        http://blogs.adobe.com/flashpro/2012/07/24/unexpected-file-format-error-on-opening-flash-f iles-using-flash-cs5-5/



                        Suhas Yogin