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    Does any one feel a little ripped off now that Apple is offering a 64-bit editor for $299.00?


      The whole package of the new 64-bit FCP X will be almost half the cost of upgrading Adobe Primere.


      NEW Final Cut X offers -


      64 bit

      Cocoa, Core Animation, Open CL, Grand Central Dispatch support

      The Focus was on image quality

      Fully color managed

      Resolution independent playback/timeline ---- all the way up to 4K

      Features people detection, single or in groups
      Non-destructive auto color balance
      Automatic audio cleanup (option to auto noise reduce audio, more)
      Features “smart collections”: a lot like the smart folders found in OS X
      Editing can start immediately during importing of AVCHD and other media, switches silently to local media as it ingests
      Uses every available cpu cycle to keep things rendered. Also highly scalable. Will even work on a Macbook
      No interruption for rendering. No transcoding, EVERYTHING native
      (incl DSLR footage–assume this means AVC)


      ALL FOR $299.00


      Come on Adobe - your upgrade package is 549.00 for goodness gracious - Lets talk price dropping!!!!!

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          Yes  I always feel ripped off with Adobe, as they our the only professional game in town , what do you do, CS5.5 came out I just upgraded to CS5 Master suites now they want me to pay over 500 dollars for the upgrade, ouch Adobe is a very powerful corporation that really does not give a hoot about an 1 person business. Call sales once in a great while you will get someone that can help you out with pricing, the rest of the time you feel like you get some kid who really doesn't give a darn why you called and forget about complaining they would care less. Held at hostage with 1000's of dollars spent , just like Adobe likes it, Yes