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    Unable to use RemoteObjects in iPad app


      So, we have a web app built in Flash Builder 4, which runs great.


      We downloaded Flash builder burrito preview and Air 2.6 sdk, modified the app to use the Viewstack concept (amazingly little change needed doing, and NO touching our business logic, which was awesome) and then using ant to do the building, and some application descriptor fiddling, managed to get the app compiling and building for the iPad. It does indeed run... at least it shows the splash screen and then the login page, but then ANY remote request (login for example, or other non authentication requests) just never seem to fire. We don't see a response and from the server side seem to see nothing there either.


      In effect it seems that all remote calls just don't work.


      I compiled Christophe's app http://coenraets.org/blog/2011/03/flex-on-the-ipad/comment-page-2/#comment-476139 for the iPad and it too runs on it, but the screen with live stock prices remains empty.


      Is this a failing with the versions of Flash Builder/Air that we are using (that have been released), or is there some configuration that we have overlooked.


      Also, have tried setting the -connect option when using the adt, but have seen no connect attempt between our iPad and the computer listening for debug connection.


      The iPad is on the same network as the other PCs and is able to reach the internet fine using the appstore/safari etc. And has been tested that it can reach the server just using Safari also.


      Are we missing something very obvious here?