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    captivate corrupt file

      I made a few small edits this morning to a large file I have been working on for two weeks now and after I saved, restarted my computer and tried to reopen the file it is now promting me to overwrite the file or save as before it opens. Doesn't matter what option i choose it tells me the file is corrupt. I'm really upset about this. I have done some forum searching and I have tried to import my main file into a new blank project and i get the same error. I have reinstalled captivate (btw i'm using version 2) and i still get the error. Does anyone have any other sugestions to help me solve my problem or am I just SOL? Thank you in advance for any solution right or wrong!
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          i_am_captivate Level 1

          Did you originally create the movie in Captivate 1? If so, I would try to open it in there. The only time I get the Overwrite\Save As prompt is when I try to open a file I created in Captivate 1 in Captivate 2. Another thing I would try is opening it on another machine. I've seen instances where the file would simply not open on my machine, but did on another colleague's. If this is the case get them to copy the project into another captivate file, save it and give it back to you. Like I said, I have seen that work before, but I can't explain why it happens
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            aphexburn Level 1
            the file was created in version 2 and i tried opening it on a different machine. i also tried opening a blank file and tried to import that file into it. none of the above worked. i do save different version of my project so i just had to take a few steps back. For anyone who reads this i sugest you back up your file often!!!!!
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              Hi aphexburn

              For you as well as anyone that may read this thread, you may be interested in an article.

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