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    Trial Version Changes?

    the_wine_snob Level 9

      As some of you might know, Adobe is poised to release PrPro CS5.5. Why would folk on the PrE forum care? Well, Adobe has worked out some deals, so that the trial of PrPro CS5.5 is FULLY functional, and also has NO watermark - just a 30 day limitation. Does this mean that similar will be the case with the trial of PrE 10? Only Adobe knows, and only time will tell.


      I'd personally love to NEVER have to answer a question about the trial version of PrE, or PrPro - none!


      Just wanted to let people know what MIGHT be coming down the pike. If it does not, do not blame me, as I am just speculating, but most of the legal limitations on the trial of PrPro, also affect PrE - most of the same CODEC's, etc.


      Here is a link to discussion on PrPro CS5.5 trial.



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          In my experience, Bill, Premiere Pro's trial has never been released with a watermark but Premiere Elements has always been released with a watermark.


          I wouldn't expect this to change, for better or for worse.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9



            You are correct, at least back to Pr 6.0.


            There had been talk of adding that, to get around the MainConcept legal issues - the ones that caused PrPro to be "crippled," and the ones that do not activate in the PrE trial. I was curious about whether Adobe had gone the watermark route with the PrPro trial, but got clarification that they did not. With CS5.5, the trial will only have one limitation - the 30 day time limit.


            Will the changes with MainConcept trickle down to PrE 10? Will it be sans watermark, and with full Activation? Only Adobe knows, and they are not talking yet, with approximately 6 mos. to go until release, if things go per the historic schedule.


            Personally, I would like to see the trial for both programs be complete, with no restrictions, other than time. Just not sure what "deals" Adobe can make with their suppliers, like MainConcept, but we shall see.


            Were I doing a trial (something that I have never done with any Adobe program), I'd opt for full features, and accept the watermark. Afterall, I would be doing a trial, and not producing material with a free version of the program. Others do not feel that same way, especially if they do not read the "fine-print" on what the limitations of a trial are. I also like Adobe's 30-day, money-back guarantee, but have never used that either. Just like their downloads. Other than Flash Player, I have never bought Adobe software, without the media, and never had any issues through about 20 years of usage of Adobe products, and many dozens of them. I still have my install disks from PS 2.5, with the manual and S/N in about 3 places! One can see who is "old-school" here.


            Do not know if this means anything wth PrE trial, but thought it interesting, and possibly a sign of the future. Just do not know.



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              Mohammad Tahseen Adobe Employee

              Guys there is one more difference around the feature sets availability in PrPro and PrE in trial. If you convert PrPro trial to licensed at the launch time, additional contents like additional codecs are also installed in subsequent launch and then only those ocntents are available in licensed mode. This means in trial mode, PrPro does not make all the feature sets available to users and users are able to use PrPro with reduced features. This might be the reason PrPro does not use watermark in trial mode.


              While in case of PrE, it installs with all the features and all the features are available to users in trial mode also.As PrE trial to licensed conversion does not install anything extra but brings the product in licensd state. Since all the features and codecs are available to users PrE wants to add watermark to the output.




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                the_wine_snob Level 9



                Thank you for that clarification, and the info.


                I've been trying to put together as much info on the trials, as I can, since they have been points of contention in the PrPro and PrE forums.


                Here, many people are upset at the watermark. Many claim to have been "blind-sided" by that, even though Adobe places notices about it on the download page. It has been issues with the lack of MPEG in previous trial versions of PrPro, that people have complained about. Interestingly, most claim that a full-featured trial WITH a watermark would be better? Not sure how the same watermark that miffs trial users in PrE, would be so acceptable to the PrPro trial users, but it seems to be.


                As for any limitations on the trial of PrE 10, we can only speculate, as the change in the PrPro trial, might have zero effect in the upcoming PrE trial. Kind of like placing bets on whether Prince William will drop the ring on the wedding day - until that day, we will just not know.


                Again, thank you for the info - appreciated,



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                  Mohammad Tahseen Adobe Employee

                  You are most welcome Bill. I am fairly new to this PRE forum and expecting to learn a lot from you guys




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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    You will more likely "provide" as much, as you learn, though some folk here (myself excluded) DO have a lot to offer.


                    It is always so great to have input from Adobe engineers and product people, as they always have a different prespective, than the users do. That "look under the hood" is greatly appreciated, and most welcome here.


                    Thank you,