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    charts- how to include data points outside of min/max ranges?

    cut-copy-paste Level 1

      I'm trying to have a chart that has a horizontal datetime axis showing a full day of info collected at irregular intervals and a linear vertical axis that acknowledges but cuts off datapoints that are above a certain number.


      For the vertical axis I thought I could just apply min/max values to achieve this, but I've found that if I have a maximum value of 25, any datapoints with a value above that are simply removed from the chartseries.items dataset (was hoping I might get something like a plot point near the top with an arrow, or the line going off the top and coming back.. but it's simply removed from the dataset.)


      For the horizontal I was wanting to show a line all the way across regardless of where the first and last datapoints fell.. how I hoped to achieve this was to retrieve the points immediately following and preciding the period but limit the min max date, so that it would theoretically show the lines going off the edge but not the actual points.


      i've thought of a few things that might work...


      is there some way to have the vertical axis parabolic so that it's mostly linear from 0-20 and then values above that take cover much less space? I don't have any idea how I'd go about setting that up..


      I have also thought about placing a dummy point at the beginning and end of the datetimeaxis... ie..

      time = chart.minimum and

      value = (first value today - last value yesterday)/(time between first time today and last time yesterday)

      .. and then would have to make those points specifically not interactive.. and i don't know how possible that is.  Also if there's a way not quite so involved that would also be awesome.


      Any feedback on how to approach this is greatly appreciated!


      Or is there something built into flex already that I've missed?