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    Matrox vs BlackMagic DeckLink vs IntensityPro/Shuttle Motherboards

    richardstevenhack Level 1

      OK, pursuant to the discussion on Matrox/BlackMagic vs CUDA, I've been researching motherboards for a new NLE build for my clients.


      I've read the massive arguments here over whether the Intel i7 2600k is better or equal to i7 9xx CPUs. So I've seen that. I was at one point today considering whether to live with the lack of off-board RAID on the P67 mobos and the 16GB memory limitation on current boards in exchange for future possibilities with the 2600k as compared to a i950/60/70 setip (80/90 are too expensive to be considered for my client.)


      But then I researched compatibility with BlackMagic and Matrox cards. And that news is not good. BlackMagic has a very limited set of motherboards they have certified for use with DeckLink/IntensityPro, and an even shorter list they've certified for use with IntensityPro Shuttle using USB 3.0. Apparently the problem for the latter is USB 3.0 bandwidth support. Really, BlackMagic basically says that an X58 motherboard is the only way to go.


      In the CUDA thread, the advice leaned toward BlackMagic cards vs Matrox.  I notice now over at Matrox that they really have no motherboard  compatibility notes with record to their MX02 line (compared to their  old RTX 100 line), apparently because most of the hardware is in the  external box and only a PCIe 1x adapter has to be inserted inside the  computer. (Although as I noted in my last post in the CUDA thread, a lot  of people seem to end up with frozen PCs.)


      That of course completely eliminates the i7 2600k from consideration.


      So my questions now are:


      1)  Is anyone using any of the BlackMagic products with i7 2600k motherboards successfully?


      2)  Is anyone using Matrox MX02 Mini or LE with 2600k motherboards successfully?


      3)  With Matrox currently apparently needing less motherboard compatibility than BlackMagic, does Matrox have the edge?


      As it stands, the short list of motherboards I'm considering are as follows:


      1)  ASUS P6X58D Premium or E

      2)  Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD5

      3)  Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD7


      Those three X58 mobos seem perfectly suited for an NLE build using an i7 9xx CPU, with large RAM expansion, latest IO (SATA 6Gbps, USB 3.0), etc. And they're all supported by BlackMagic. So if the client wants BlackMagic over Matrox, I'm covered. Since Matrox has no recommendations, that will be hit or miss.