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    scorm complaince in flash?

    santhosh kumar mallepaddy Level 1

      Dear all,


          I am looking to integrate the scorm complaince in my flash e-Learning template, and I have some examples, using those I did some part of integration, like book mark, and I have one quiz also if the user attempt the quiz the score will display in the reports, and the same user viewing the same course again, if he enterd into the quiz page again it will display the score he got before and it also display the message that "you have already attempted".But in my case, I have total four slides are there in my course.If the user watched two of them, and he did'nt attempted the quiz he exit from the course, and again he entered into the course it will aks for the weather he want to resume or not if he click yes it will display the last viewed page, it is working fine. If the user goto quiz page it is showing the message "you already attempted" and score field is empty. But the user not attempted first time, second time he entered into the quiz page the message is showing you attemted. I could'nt find where is the mistake, if any one have the solution please let me know..........

      if any one have the source file regarding the same please send me.....


      thanks in advance..



      Thanks and Regards

      Santhosh Kumar.M