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    Dropdown menu, MX2004 on modern machines, 11.5 and more


      Hi all,


      I have an old project developed with MX2004 that i need to update for a client. I used the OSControl Xtra (from OpenSpark) dropdown menu (called popup menu in OSControl) to navigate between hundreds of pages. Now I upgraded to Director 11.5 running on a Win 7 machine to update my project. However OScontrol Xtra doesn´t work with Director 11.5 (no update available) so I am back using the MX2004 on an old machine where the OSControl works. However when running the projector (as an exe) published in MX2004 on my Win 7 machine things look odd, the dropdown menus are black etc.


      And I still, in Director 11.5, can´t find a way to do a simple drop-down menu looking like a OS menu! Isn´t that strange or am I missing something? I mean, it is 2011 now and you can´t do a modern looking dropdown menu....


      Something tells me it is wrong to develop a projector on an 7 year old software on a 7 year old machine running Win XP, when the final presentation is going to be run on a modern machine running Win 7. Will it be compatible at all? On the other hand Adobe doesn´t seem to develop Director to meet up with todays demands.


      Any ideas or workarounds are very welcome.


      Thanks in advance!!!