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    FB 4 trial (4.0.1) ends soon, but i can only PRE-order FB 4.5: help !


      At the moment I am working with the Flash Builder 4.01 Trial and now I have 8 days left before it stops working. So I went to the Adobe Store to order FB 4, but I was surprised to fid out that Flash Builder only seems to be available in version 4.5 which only can be pre-ordered. Well, I did just that but at the end of this procedure Adobe lets me know that it might take untill May 3 before FB is available !


      This means to me that the project that I have been working on is forced to a stop for 2 weeks!

      Did I miss something out? This must be a mistake, or what? Otherwise I find this a totally unacceptable way of marketing Flash Builder. Are there any alternatives? I do not have FB 3, I must find a way to extend the trial of FB 4 or get FB 4 within a week to be able to keep working on my project.

      Please help me out.