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    Is there a way to automate actions within RH?

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      RH8, chm files (although we will be moving to WebHelp in the near future).


      We have a project that we use to show the table schemes for our database. It is created by importing the table definitions (html files) into the project whenever they're updated, and recompiling.


      I'm not aware of how to use RHCL to automate the deletion, import, and etc. of topics within Robohelp, but there's pressure on me to automate this, so I'm hoping someone might know of a way.


      The basic process is:


      Delete existing table definition HTML files out of a sub-folder in the project.

      Import the new table definitions into this folder. (to make things simple, we just mass delete and import instead of worrying about finding the new and edited ones, and deleting the deleted ones). These files serve as the topics in this project.

      Apply the stylesheets to these new files. (this is the only 'editing' we do to these topic files)


      It's fairly simple and straight-forward, the issue is simply that we do this manually. Is anyone aware of a way of automating:


      1. Deleting a topic out of an RH project.

      2. Importing a topic into an RH project.

      3. Applying a .css to a topic.




      PS: We use FinalBuilder to automate the building of our help files, if that helps.