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    Robohelp 7 Search OR glossary/index/etc & developer info?




      I am using Robohelp 7 to create basic WebHelp, which is wrapped into, essentially, an application on hardware (my company makes test equipment). I use the 'publish' function to keep svn happy. I'm working on XP. My Help runs in Firefox inside Gecko on the equipment.


      'Search' doesn't appear in the end result. I've been experimenting with different outputs... dhtml, pure html, etc etc. In some cases, I get search, but no contents or glossary or index. In others I get glossary/index/TOC, but no Search. Naturally, I need both Search and Index (we'll skip the long discussion of which is more important ;-) ).


      Help! What do I do to get all of these to appear?


      Also... I swear I once saw resources for developers. I can't find them now. Anyone have pointers?


      Thanks in advance!