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    Drop-down Text - Bullet Format


      Can bullets in a drop-down text box be different than the bullet of the item it is describing. In RoboHelp 9, the bullets take on the formatting of the original item even though I have them formatted differently.


      Here is an example of what I'm trying to do.


      I start with this list:


      When I create the drop-down text and format the bullets within this text for item "Line 1", they look like this.


      When I view the selected item and/or when I generate and view it, I get the following result.


      Obviously I didn't create the drop-down text with the large square bullet, but it appears to pick up the bullet from the main listing.


      How can I get separate formatting for the drop-down text?  Is there something wrong with the formatting of my drop-down text box?


      I do have drop-down text boxes in RoboHelp 7 that have different bullet formatting, but the only way this could be achieved is by leaving the formatting of the original list as Normal and inserting the bullet as an image.


      This shows the list item with an inserted image as the bullet and in Normal format.list4.jpg

      This shows the formatting that I would like to see.list5.jpg

      This shows that the formatting is ok in the drop-down, but only if I don't use bullets on the original list.list6.jpg



      Thank you!

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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

          I think you need to define different list classes so that each has a different indent but defines the same bullet. As it is I believe what is happening is that as you indent, the default HTML styles are applying.


          See www.grainge.org for RoboHelp and Authoring tips



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            djm2142 Level 1

            Thank you, I will do some more testing.  So far I've created bullet formatting under Paragraph Styles called p-Bullets1, p-SubBullets, p-TableBullets, p-Bullets.  I've also created bullet formatting under List Styles called l-Bullets, l-Bullets1, l-SubBullets, l-TableBullets.  I did some testing with current text and I'm still having issues with the bullet type carrying through instead of letting a new bullet style being displayed in the drop-down text.

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              Did anyone ever figure this out? I am having the same problem, but in addition to bullet and numbering styles, the dropdown text is inheriting other qualities from the Hotspot format, including font color.


              What can I do to maintain the formatting in the drop down text independently from the text formatting of the hotspot?



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                djm2142 Level 1

                I worked with a consultant to figure this out and I'm still in the process of revising the css to a standard for the company. 


                I can get bullets and numbering on drop-downs to work, but it's a manual process to fix all the formatting on all the projects.  I changed the color of the original bullet that had drop-down text and it did not carry the color to the drop-down text.  I used a diamond bullet on the main topic and an open circle on the drop-down and both appeared fine.


                When I worked with the consultant, we looked at my html code and found some formatting codes that were causing problems.  Since we've been using RoboHelp for years, some of the codes may not have transferred well between versions.  I'd suggest looking at the html code.

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                  Willam van Weelden Adobe Community Professional & MVP



                  @djmn2142: Could it be that your dropdown is actually inside another list? That might explain why you are seeing another list style. Could you please share an example topic and your style sheet? I'd like to take a look. You can send both to contact [at] wvanweelden [dot] eu.


                  @Panitzke: Never seen this problem before. Are you using some paragraph style that might be responsible for the strange text. Could you please share an example topic and your style sheet? I'd like  to take a look. You can send both to contact [at] wvanweelden [dot] eu.