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    Newbie Question:  How do I Insert my Symbol into the Timeline?


      Good Morning All


      I'm a newbie to Flash and am hoping you might help me with an issue.  I have a registration form consisting of several textboxes, labels and a Submit button.  I created a new Symbol combining these elements and have it in my Library saved as RegForm.  I've been asked to insert this RegForm into an existing Flash application that has just 1 layer.  When I create a new layer for my RegForm symbol, the RegForm is superimposed on top of the existing layer provided to me.


      How do I insert my RegForm into the timeline such that it loads before the layer provided to me?  How do I ensure that my RegForm is not superimposed on top of the existing layer?  Finally, what do I need to do to load the existing layer only after the Submit button on the RegForm is clicked?


      Thanks much for your help and guidance.