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    Conditionally Required Fields

    DC Dowd

      Basics -

      Running LC ES 8.2 and Acrobat 9 Pro

      Novice/Beginner in JavaScripting as a whole, especially as pertains to PDFs


      Situation -
      Trying to set up a form wherein a field is required if one option from a combo box is selected and to either be optional or removed otherwise.

      I've been trying "if ... else" statements without any luck. The field (AbortRchgSA/#8) is set as Visible and not required by default. The combo box (Mode/#16) is a required field. My attempts have taken two forms.


      Form 1:

      var f = this.getField("Mode").value;

      if (f = SA)

      {var g = this.getField("AbortRchgSA");

      g.required = true;}


      Form 2:


      if (this.Field.Mode.value == SA)


      this.getField(“AbortRchgSA”) = required;







      Any and all help is welcome.