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    jquery media for PDF preview causes page jumps between login page and home page in 9.4.2 and 10.0.1


      I have a authenticated website(form based authentication) and we have PDF preview using jQuery media. It uses Adobe reader on the client computer to render a nice PDF preview.

      All the computer having Adobe Reader Version 9.4.2 or 10.0.1,

      1. User login

      2. User taken to home page

      3. within seconds, browser jumps back to Login page and then back to the home , this happens without user doing anything once they are in Home page.


      I belive this is problem with 9.4.2 and 10.0.1 Adobe Reader becuase I don't see this issue when I installed Adobe reader 9.4.3.


      Any help in identifying the root cause will be greatly appreciated.