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    Vspider Error

    Jim Stout Level 1
      When trying to execute the following batch command for vspider on one of our servers, I get this message:

      Run from Command Line:
      D:\CFusionMX7\verity\k2\_nti40\bin\vspider -style D:\CFusionMX7\verity\Data\stylesets\ColdFusionVspider\ -collection D:\CFusionMX7\verity\collections\spider_aboutus -start http://localhost/ipcoredesign/aboutus/ -include /aboutus/* -cgiok -abspath -reparse -indmimeinclude text/* -indmimeexclude text/css

      Error Returned:
      IndExcept from indmtutl.cxx:177 vspider terminated due to an exception in the main thread.
      as well as a message box stating:
      The instruction at "0x7c830011" referenced memory at "0x01b00032". The memory could not be "read".

      Now this exact same command line string works on 2 other servers, but not on this one. All of these servers are identical in their setup (Win 2003 server, 2 GB Ram, CF 7.02). Anyone seen this before?
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          Jim, have you been able to make any progress on this issue? I am having the same problem... used vspider on another server a while back (6 months ago?) and all worked well, now trying to update a new collection on a new server and it is not working..

          Thanks for any tips that might have helped you... :)