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    Video capture screen cut off at the top


      I am waiting for my new elements 9 to show up on the licensing page, and perhaps this will solve the problem I am having in version 3 (I know, but like I said I am upgrading!) but I would like to import some video from tape and I have a problem I have never seen before.  When I open the video capture page all is well except the top menu portion is cut off which presents a huge problem since the button to go back to the main page when import is complete is not there.  The only way out is good old alt-cntl-del to close the whole program.  Does anybody know how to fit the screen so everything shows?  All my other applications fit perfectly.  Its been getting bigger and bigger for the last week but until now I had the very bottom of the icon to click on.  Cant wait for 9, not sure why it takes so much time to make it available for download and licensing...