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    Jerky Panning

    Mr. Barbieri Level 1

      I'm building a slideshow using Premiere Pro CS5. I have some pictures that I want to pan across during the video. I used the Motion effect and set key points and the beginning and end of the picture and adjusted the position settings appropriately. When I watch the video the pan works as expected, but it is jerky.


      I tried looking at the footage it produced in Premiere. When I look frame by frame, I can see the "jerkiness" or "stutter" is caused by an occasional frame that pans in the wrong direction.


      My total slideshow is about 8 minutes. When I render a 20 second portion of the video to get a sample of the stuttering, I don't get any stuttering. That's right, when I use the same render settings but grab only a small portion of the video, it works OK. When I render the entire video, it stutters.


      I'm rendering 1080p30 H.264 video with a target rate of 32 and a max rate of 40. Because most of the video is still, I come in way under the target.


      Any ideas? I tried adding a bunch of extra key points, but that had no effect.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Welcome to the forum.


          With the stills (what are the pixel x pixel dimensions, btw?), and the added fixed Effect>Position applied, you should then have a red line above the stills. Did you then Render the Timeline, or that section of the Timeline, by hitting Enter/Return? That will turn the red line green? If not, Render the Timeline and test.


          Also, when you Rt-click on the Program Monitor, what are the Resolution, the Quality and the Magnification set to?


          Good luck,



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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Also, I would do a couple of screen-caps, if the above suggetion does not help, showing the the Effects Control Panel, with a typical problem still Selected, and show the first Keyframe and the last Keyframe, so that we can see the settings. This will also show the Keyframes, and I would twirl open Velocity too. Maybe even add a screen-cap of one of those problem areas, where you say things jump backward.


            Good luck,



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              Mr. Barbieri Level 1

              The pixel dimensions of the first picture are 3526 wide by 1080 tall.


              When I right click the Program Monitor, the playback and pause resolutions are set to 1/2. The mangification is at 50%. I don't see a setting for quality. The playback in the program monitor looks good. No jerkiness there. The problem is with the rendered file.


              I don't understand the rest of what you said. Effect>Position? red line above the stills? Render the timeline? That all sounds like it is related to rendering a preview, but previewing isn't where my problem is. It's the final export that has the problem. Just to be sure, I di the Enter/Return render thing and I'll test another export.


              If it matters, I'm using an i7 CPU and a Quadra FX 3800 video card.

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                I am sorry, but now I am lost. You indicate that you observe the jerky panning, but when you Export a test file, it is not there. Then you say that you do not see the jerkiness in the Program Monitor. Just exactly where do you see the jerkiness?


                When I render a 20 second portion of the video to get a sample of the stuttering, I don't get any stuttering.

                Does this mean that once you have Rendered the a 20 sec. portion of the Timeline, you see no jerkiness, or that when you Export a 20sec.portion, that output file shows no jerkiness?



                Thanks for any clarification.

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                  Mr. Barbieri Level 1

                  Sorry for the confusion. When I:


                  Watch in the Program Monitor - No Jerkiness

                  Render only 20 seconds of video - No Jerkiness

                  Render 8 minutes of video - It's Jerky


                  I'm working on those screen prints.

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    OK, I think that I am getting it. Now, one more clarification please:


                    Render 8 minutes of video - It's Jerky


                    When you say "render," do you mean that your are Exporting, and it is in this output file, where you observe the jerkiness. Is that correct?


                    Where/how are you playing this output file, if that is what you mean?


                    Good luck, and I will now pour over the screen-caps. Thanks for those.



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                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                      Looking at the Effects Control Panel, I see a lot of Position Keyframes.


                      Is your intent to have a smooth Pan across the still, or do you want to Pan, then hold, Pan, then hold, repeated several times?


                      I also notice that you have applied Linear Keyframes, so the Motion will be linear - starting at the same speed that it finishes. There is no Interpolation, nor Velocity changes. Linear Keyframes can appear jerky, as they are going from 0 to full speed, to 0, instantly.


                      An easy Interpolation is Ease Out, followed by Ease In. If I wanted to Pan, and hold, I would set my first Keyframe, alter the setting, then Rt-click that Keyframe, choosing Ease Out. For the next Keyframe, where I wished to Hold, I would Rt-click it, and choose Ease In. After the hold, Ease Out, and at the next hold, Ease In. Repeat, as is necessary. The "diamonds" will turn into stylized hourglasses. Render (hit Enter/Return), and test. If you are satisfied, then use the WAB to Export that entire Clip, play and test.


                      Good luck,



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                        Colin Brougham Level 6

                        Are you playing back your file in QuickTime Player? Is that where you see the jerkiness? What happens if you reimport the file into Premiere and play it there?

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                          Mr. Barbieri Level 1

                          The problem in  the output file was visible when I played it with Windows Media Player, Quicktime, or even when I stepped through it frame by frame in Premiere. It was definitely a problem in the video file and not with my playback software/hardware.


                          I finally figured out a reasonably workaround. Because I only have 5 pans in the video and each works when I render it by itself as a test, I substituted those test snippets for the picture/motion filter. Rendering the entire video using pans didn't work, but rendering small bits did. So I substituted those small bits with pre-rendered video. A bit of a nuisance, but it worked.