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    Flicking entire video over one clip!


      Hello everyone.


      I've done everything I can think of, including browsing all forums and trying things others have suggested that are close to my issue.  Nothing works.


      I have clips in a timeline, with title clips for text and such.  Standard stuff.  On some clips, I can set speed to 90% and set clip to "always deinterlace" and they work fine, no flicker.  Other clips I do the same thing and the entire video flickers horribly.  I checked the specs on both clips and they are the same.  The only difference I can see is that the clips that don't flicker when speed changed to under 100% were captured a year or so ago.  The flicking clips were captured this week.  Same camera for both.  I did upgrade to CS5 between these captures, but can't see how that would make a difference?


      I did an entirely different project with recent clips just fine a couple months ago.  No idea why I have problems now -- unless it's a combination of older and newer captured clips?  But that still doesn't make sense?


      All display fine at 100% speed.


      The biggest thing I don't understand is why the entire video flickers?  The titles (with text) flicker really badly.  Changing the speed of the clip (track 1) changes the flickering in the titles (tracks 3 and 4).  How could a clip affect other tracks?


      I've spent hours on this already and I'm at a loss.  Attempted time remapping instead of speed, tried every combination of de-interlacing, anti-flicker, etc.


      I have a new machine, Win 7 Pro 64, 8GB ram, i7 quad, big video card/ram, etc.  CS5 with all latest updates.  I run nothing but CS5 on this machine.  Sequence settings 29.97 drop-frame, DV Widescreen, NTSC.