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    Submit Email Button needs Email Address

    Nasho23 Level 1

      I am using Adobe Livecycle Designer ES@ v9. on Windows 7 64 bit OS.

      I have created a Form and added an Email Submit Button from the Object Library. This added Button is showing a Warning Message that says I must specify an Email Address. The Help states to RClick on the Button and select Pallettes>Object, then proceed to fill in the Email Address Box, etc.

      My problem is:  When I Rclick on the Button, the Pop Up Menu has nothing about Pallettes>Object or Email Address Box. The Pop Up Menu only contains: Cut, Copy, Paste - Grayed Out - and - Font, Paragraph, Leader and Select All.

      In the Object Library there does not appear to be an Email Address Box that I can add and show my Email Address.

      Is this a Program Issue or is it something I have not done or not done correctly ??????????????

      Can anyone help me on this, Thank You.

      Otherwise it did a good job of the rest of the Form.