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    URGENT: CS5 Activation Error (Reintalation)


           Hello there, i need some urgent help. I've just bought a license (via internet) in an Adobe distribution store, (My country isn't at the list for the direct web-store and dowload, I'm from Chile) and as well, provided the PC serial number for an already expired trial version dowloaded from the main site.


           Everything went ok, but during the launching, there was an error like "There's some missing information, please, completely reinstall this software" (That wasn't what actually said). Indeed, I uninstalled the program from the control pannel, and installed again... BUT, this time the serial went invalid... but i somehow reactivated the option of starting a new 30 day trial, and well, i still have 24 days remaining, i'm working for a school project.


           I'm sure that i had turned off the firewall at that event, i tried to follow the steps from the support and FAQ, like the deactivation help (wich is unvaliable by now), and now i know that i have to deactivate the program if i want to install into another PC


      I WILL NOT ACCEPT to loose $850 U.S. because of a software error, and i don't know how to have a direct contact with the Adobe technical support.


      Please, i need some help!.