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    Entoforms, creatures coloured by Kuler


      Hi everyone.


      I thought I'd stop by and show you how I've started using Kuler in an art project of mine.


      Since the start of the year I've written a series of rather complicated python scripts to run in Blender 3D that grow creatures I'm calling Entoforms. They grow using text input as DNA. The goal is to then print them out in 3D using the service at Shapeways.com. I've done a bunch of them already and they're turning out great!


      The first couple series I worked on were white. But I figured the next step would be growing creatures that are coloured... After experimenting a couple of days with code that would generate palettes for me automagically... I was rather unhappy... so... I decided that to get some nice looking palettes I needed a human eye... a little help... Then I stumbled upon Kuler...


      Currently I'm using the regular Kuler RSS feeds (not the API) to retrieve the latest submitted colour palettes. The "DNA" of the creatures then defines what palette to use for what creature, and what swatch for what bodypart.


      I'm incredibly happy with the initial results, and think I'll order my first proper coloured prints this week.


      You can see my latest video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rcj2utbfP6w

      And more about my project can be found here: http://www.macouno.com/category/projects/entoforms/


      Thanks a lot for the great palettes!


      Dolf (macouno)