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    Fatal error message - shutting down

    CAnuszczyk Level 1

      I have a boatload of movies, some of which are in excess of 300mb.  I use these in a projector.  I've been using this for years with no problems.


      However (yeah, the trusty, proverbial "however") - I am trying to modify an existing movie.  It's actually relatively small.  Periodically I get a "fatal error" and Director shuts down.


      • I am using the latest version of Director (11.5.8) confirmed by "put the productVersion" in the message window.
      • I have a LOT of filmloops that I automatically created using some scripts (beginrecording/endrecording).
      • I use Javascript.
      • I am using no custom xtras - all recently updated to the Director 11.5.8 copies of themselves.
      • It always "seems" to be an external cast that only contains javascript files.  As a matter of fact, at one point I saved the cast (so I would have it's "corrupted" state).  I then opened just the cast and tried to "recompile scripts" and it died with the same "fatal error".
      • I recreate the external cast and import (as linked files) the scripts.
      • It works fine for a minute or two and then dies again.


      Could this be a cast problem (using a keyword or something stupid like that)?

      Is there any way to get a more useful description out of Director?

      Is there any way to tell which, if any, casts are corrupted?

      Any thoughts on how to proceed?

      I've scoured the code for stupid things - even wrote something to check and clean anything in the external javascript files.


      Thanks in advance!



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          CAnuszczyk Level 1

          Well, it seems as though the problem might be related to Javascript.  I don't use Lingo <much> but rather the Javascript languange.


          I seemed to have found a work-around for this.  If I open my movie, immediately recompile all scripts and save the movie - I receive no more errors - yeah!


          Anyway - thought someone else might be having this problem...