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    Adjusting Exposure

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      Hi all,


      I have a video of some children's theatre. The highlight are blown out. I tried adjusting them with Effects: auto levels, shadow/highlights, etc, but couldn't get it right. Is there any way to manipulate these effects, or another way to adjust the clip to get proper exposure? Thank you, Stan

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          Unfortunately, PrE has a limited set of Adjustment Effects, and all, or at least the majority, are only Automatic. While PrPro has those, it also has a full compliment of manual Adjustment Effects, including some in more in the Color Correction folder.


          The Auto Effects are OK, if the scene is totally constant, in exposure, color, etc.. If there are any changes in the scene, then I can see pulsing/strobing in the Effect, and find that objectionable.


          With blown out highlights, there is just not much, if any, data there. One thing that you can try is to drag another Instance of the Clip above the existing one, and adjust its Opacity. Apply both Highlight & Shadow and Levels to the upper Clip. Render that Clip and preview. Adjust, as is necessary and keep testing.


          The best course of action, though only for the future, would be to take a reading of the performers, and set the exposure manually.


          Good luck,



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