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    Exporting Progressive Footage


      Hi There.

      I have a Sony Z5 and have played with the 25P HDV setting. I like the effect and wish to use it on shoots. When I started to edit the footage, it dawned on me that I had no real true idea of how to import it and then export it.

      I bought into PP CS5 as HDV 1080 2p5 but not sure If I should be usuing this one (I am in the UK where PAL is used).


      Once I had edited I wanted to export out and not sure which settings I should use. I have tested a few using "Match Source" and them playing around. The source would say 25fps Prog but the output shows as Upper with no room to change.


      I may be causing myself more headaches than I should but wonder if it makes much difference and if someone with more experiince that I could offer a workflow?


      Thanks in advance

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          Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          hdv 1080p25 is just fine. If you do not know which settings to choose drag a file into the New Item icon.

          Don't use Match Sequence Settings it does not work quite correct. Choose a preset or set everything manually.

          What is the final destination of your footage?

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            spookyuk@yahoo.com Level 1

            Thanks for the help.

            Final destination of footage will be mixed, sometimes Blu-ray, other times (when less that 25mins) a regular DVD as AVCHD using Encore to build a Blu-ray image and ImgBurn to create the DVD.

            Which preset would you suggest for the export? I noticed there are some HDTV ones... would one of these be best and if so which? I think chosing a preset would more than likely mean I would have to tweak something or other and therefor making a custom one. It would be useful to know though if a Preset would work for my needs and that i was getting the best output possible.

            Just as a matter for the look of the film. I have heard a lot about the Programme 6 preset on the Sony Z5 and used this along with the 25P setting. I think the footage looks good but doesn't soften much or give the yellowish tint you kinda associate with Film. If anyone has a better experience with the presets within the camera, be good to know.


            Thanks again for your help

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              Jim_Simon Level 9

              Blu-ray cannot handle 25p at any resolution.  If you wish to shoot at 25 fps, shoot interlaced.  If you wish to shoot progressive, shoot 720p/50.