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    Import DVD (PSE9) first VOB always fails


      Using Premier Elements 9, I follow the file-->get media from-->files and folders.  I select the DVD drive and it moves me to the importer.  At the end of the import, I have all the VOB files in the destination folder, but the very first one is not part of my new project.  I get an error message from the importer that it encountered "a generic error" which is probably why the first file is not part of the project.


      If I attempt to drag the first file from the Organizer into the project, I get the message "this type of file is not supported, or the required codec is not installed"


      This has happened with 3 different DVDs created by 2 different cameras.  I suspect somehow that the default menu is creating the problem, but can't verify this.  I get identical results using DVD_x (outside your product, but verification that something is not good.)


      Is there a different importer that I should try?

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Read Bill Hunt on editing a VOB/MPG file

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            If these are miniDVD's, then the likely cause is that the discs were NOT Finalized in the camera. I would check this aspect out, and just Finalize the discs. That should work.


            Good luck,



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              cwbash Level 1

              No, these were not compact DVDs, but had been taken from the camera by cable to a regular DVD burner.  John's recommendation that I read Bill's tutorial helped, but it took some further digging to find a reference to MPEG Streamclip.  Installing that required that I remove Quicktime and install Quicktime Alternative 1.81.  That appears to correct the problem.  Streamclip complains that the file is "not standard", but allows me to open it anyway, and as I write this it appears to be successfully converting the file to AVI.


              Bill, you make reference in your tutorial about "software is available", I would politely suggest that you add "such as mPEG Streamclip and others".


              Thanks for quick responses from both of you.


              God bless


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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                Ah, did not see that step.


                Then, the most likely candidate is that the first VOB, on the problem discs, contains some sort of navigation, that is not 100% DVD-Compliant.


                I would use software to rip those VOB's. There are many available. As mentioned in the linked article, the first VOB will contain Menus, navigation, and then the first segment of the MPEG-2 file. PrE (and PrPro, as of CS4.2.1) can Import VOB's, so long as they are 100% DVD-Compliant. Most DVR's, some DVD authoring programs, and a few other devices, do NOT produce 100% DVD-Compliant DVD's. This is just an unfortunate fact of life.


                Good luck,