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    Animating 2 png files over a video sequence ?

    David Zeno

      Hi everyone,


      I have some video on the time line.  I also have 2 .png files which I want to be animated, so... png file1 is shown, then png file2 is shown,

      then png file1 is show, and so on.


      I've created a new sequence and pasted both .png files onto the timeline, so first png file1, then png file2 right after it.


      So far so good.


      I want to repeat this for about 2 minutes  so that it repeats over the main video sequence as it plays.


      The only way I can get this to work is by highliting both files, right clicking on them and choosing "copy" and then

      repeatedly doing a "ctrl-v" to have them pasted onto the timeline.


      I'm wondering if there's an easier way to do this.  I've tried nesting the files and that doesn't work, I've tried grouping the files

      but this doesn't work either.  If I group the 2 png files for example, and then right click on that new group, and choose "copy"

      and then do the ctrl-v ( to paste ) it only pasts 1 of the png files and not both, evne though they are now a "group"


      nesting doesn't seem to work either.  I've tried also using the "insert" from the source monitor, and this will only paste in a single

      .png file, and not both as I want.


      Any ideas appreciated.





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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          Unless I have missed something, your Copy/Paste would be easiest. I would animate, as is necessary (just the two initial PNG's), lasso both, Ctrl+C, then make sure that Video Track is Targeted, hit End, then Ctrl+V, End, Ctrl+V, and so on.


          Good luck, and maybe their is an "automation" feature that I am just unaware of.



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            Jim_Simon Level 8

            I'd agree.  The Copy/Paste method is the only way to do this.  (But I'm not sure just how much easier you could make it.  Hit CTRL-C to copy, then CTRL-V over and over to paste.  Pretty simple.)

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Well, much will depend on the layout of one's keyboard, but with End, Ctrl+V, one could keep their fingers poised over Ctrl+V, and use the other hand to hit End. Just a matter of personal preferences.



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                David Zeno Level 1

                Hi Bill,


                your answer was the correct one so I've marked it as "correct answer" I guess I just thought there was a faster way.


                As for hitting the "end" button, there isn't even a need.  once you start pasting using the Ctrl-V keyboard combo, the frames just keep inserting on the time line in the correct manner and will just keep do that until you stop pressing Ctrl-V


                I've learned that once you have a few Ctrl-V's done, you should go back and now highlight that new bunch of frames that have been added, so for example

                you add the first 2 frames to the time line, now copy them to memory, and do Ctrl-V say 10 times, now you have a total of 20 frames, now re-highlight those 20, and now Ctrl-V will now add 20 frames at a time, instead of just the inital 2. Repeat that again, if you want to now do 40 frames per Ctrl-V and once it gets to that amount, the time line can fill up quite fast.


                Well, glad I asked, I can't be the only one out there that has done this, so glad I was on the right track.


                thanks to all who chimed in, it's appreciated.