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    Can't play anything....


      I was using Audition without a hitch until yesterday. Now, though, I can't seem to play anything.


      Whenever i import a file the waveform looks fine but when I press play or push space bar it says "playing" in the bottom left hand side of the screen but nothing happens.


      I tried reinstalling Adobe Audition but the same thing is happening.


      For some reason when I record a new file from the Mac's internal mic it sounds fine but when I import a file - nothing.


      Any thoughts?



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          I recently had the same problem and I discovered that if I physically disconnect my external USB device (Edirol UA-4FX) and re-launch Audition, I can play the files again. I don't know what changed except for OSX upgrades.


          A real nuisance, but I'm hoping that Adobe will have fixed this in the first release.