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    HP3015dn and Reader 10: PDF won't print


      I installed an HP3015dn.  It prints MSWord documents in simplex and automatically in duplex.  It will not print PDF files.


      System:  Windows 7, 32-bit.


      Driver: P3010 Series PCL 6.  The HP Universal PS driver also works for Word documents.


      I upgraded Adobe from Reader 9.4 (?) to Reader X (10.0.1).  No improvement.


      Fix attempted:  Adobe > File > Print > Advanced > Print as Image selected.  No improvement.


      Advice sincerely welcome.  I have a wonderful new duplex printer yet can't print simple PDF's.  Kinda miss my old HP1100.  :-o


      Thank you.

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          JustPrint Level 1

          Wow.  I didn't realize the Adobe failure to print was so widespread.  A few other posts made it clear that many others are having the same problem.


          I installed foxit reader but was still unable to print.


          This is a global problem which really calls for a fix.


          I'll keep searching for an answer, but I welcome any help you can give.




          BTW - - my printer is USB-connected; no network.